Thursday, 15 January 2009

Day 15

We had some stuff delivered to work yesterday packed in dry ice. As always it created a bit of a stir - it's lots of fun - so we added some out of date liquids to see what would happen. The effect was quite disappointing and it just sat there.

This morning I was getting rid of the re-frozen mess down the sink and was struck by how beautiful the underneath looked. I rushed for my camera before it melted and took loads of photos. This was my favourite.



Claire said...

It's really lovely, you'd never know what it was. Very textiley pics btw, you'll have some really good sources for your next college project.

The only delivery I got at work this week was a box of manky old computer stuff that someone thought I'd find useful. Just what I didn't need on my first day back, funnily enough, I have quite enough crap of my own!

Hotter Than... said...

Dry ice is way more fun than computer bits!

I'm really pleased with how the pictures are turning out. There are some texiley themes developing which should make for some interesting college work.