Thursday, 22 January 2009

Day 22

This is a picture of the baby blanket I'm making for a friend of mine. I've used navy fleece and acid bright felts. All the shapes had to be hand sewn (I'm OCD about having even, obvious seams) and then finished it on my machine, but she'll have a gift that will make her smile.


Claire said...

Nice thing to do - my niece still has her baby blanket my mum made for her on her bed, and she's 10 now. I think it was an excuse for mum to do a bit of patchwork and embroidery though!

This blog's really nice btw Hottie, it's like flipping through student's sketchbooks.

Hotter Than... said...

Thank you. I loved the idea of her having something unique that she'll get alot of use out of. It was a bit of an excuse to play!

Thanks for the general blog comment - I like how the images kind of fit together (unintentionally). Some of these will undoubtedly be used for a project. Theere are some ideas bubbling away.