Sunday, 1 February 2009

Day 32

As promised, an outside shot. Whilst wandering around London with a friend this afternoon, I spotted the 3rd floor of a building covered in these huge, jutting, reflective panels. I was really interested in how it broke up the buildings on the opposite side of the road into this mosaic effect. Reminded me of patchwork.


Laura said...

This is one of my favorites so far. I LOVE reflections and this one is great. Nice spot. And congrats to you as well for making it through the first month! It's been motivating to have others doing the same thing. :)

Tim D. said...

Really cool! I love buildings like that. We were in London last summer and saw some cool buildings on the Thames east of the Eye.

Hotter Than... said...

Laura - I know what you mean. Knowing that someone may see this and comment has encouraged me to keep posting when I feel too knackered to and to raise my game considerably.

Tim - There's great architecture all over the place - it's just rememebering to look. I had a friend who told me the most important thing in photography is to look up. It's amazing how most people just look at what's in their eye-line. Imagine what they are missing.

Tim D. said...

So true about remembering to look up. Also, it's good to squat down or get on tip-toes or whatever when shooting to get a different angle than what you see from normal eye-level. Thanks for sharing!