Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Day 48

Today is my last day in Chester and so the last day of my word challenge. The word was "warm" in contrast to the first day's word of "chill".

As I lay in the bath this morning the answer was obvious.

I've really enjoyed this week of words for two reasons. The first being that whilst I've still had to produce a photo and think about the word, I've not had to think about "what will I photograph today?" It's been a different challenge and one that I've enjoyed. The second is that it's involved my friends more in what I'm doing. In the blurb about this blog, I said that I wanted photos that reflected my life and my friends.These last 6 days have allowed me to combine both aspects.

I think this may be something I do once a month with different friends. It takes some pressure off and gives the whole thing a different slant.


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