Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Day 56

You may see a pile of rubbish here. I see a pile of twist and turn (see how I'm trying to avoid using the "S" word) making material.

I've got a fair bit to do this evening and I have a baby blanket to crack on with too. Best I get on with it.



Tim D. said...

LOL! The "S" word! Be careful! Don't let it take you over... Remember that if you can't utter the word or talk about it, it's got you beat. I want you to repeat after me... "I control the spirals - I control the spirals - I control the spirals..." Do that several times a day and you should be just fine ;-)

Hotter Than... said...

I control the ... I CONTrol ... no I need to work on that one.

Tim D. said...

LOL :-)

Hotter Than... said...

Some support you are ;)