Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Day 70

I don't normally title my posts but this one has the sub-title "I thought we said 8.30 outside the Odeon"

Let me explain. My word today is "pastiche". I was giving this some thought over tea this morning when I remembered someone elses' post a few days ago. Inspired by this, I decided to atempt a picture that would do two things. 1) It wold be an homage to this great work and 2) it may explain the other side of their story. Unfortunately I was a bit short of time and props so I decided to implement the KISS rule.

Hopefully this picture does what I want. If you're curious about the inspirational post click here to see the other story.



Tim D. said...

Well I am flattered by this. Thank you. And it's good to keep in mind when people don't do what we want or expect - they may have a very good reason for it. They may have been trying to do what we wanted all along and the only problem was a simple misunderstanding.

Hotter Than... said...

I hope you didn't mind my stretch of artisitic stuffage with this shot ;)

As you say it does remind us that there are two sides to an event. Maybe next time ;)