Monday, 13 April 2009

Day 103

Today I spent the day tidying. Not the boring type with copious amounts of polish and elbow grease. This was the fun type. I was going through my box of material and scraps to work out what I have and what future projects I may try. As I was tidying, I came across these pieces of fabric I bought in Chester back in February and put somewhere safe (i.e. I forgot about them). I have no idea what I may do with them yet but I'm sure something will come to me.



Anonymous said...

They would all make a lovely quilt.

Oz Girl said...

Quite lovely, these scraps. I am sure you will come up with something wonderful!

Thanks for your comment on my blog... I do not really think we will ever have a direct hit from a tornado! But I look forward to perhaps having the opportunity to get some photos of one. :)

Hotter Than... said...

Iona - I agree. If only I knew how to make one! Maybe one day I'll learn.

Oz Girl - my brain is ticking along on that one.

Tornadoes in the name of art?! I'm quite concerned about you hun! ;)

Tim D. said...

And you've made a nice arrangement of them for your composition.