Sunday, 19 April 2009

Day 109

This morning was a glorious sunny day. As I strolled into town, I walked down the path that runs along side where I live. I've used this path hundreds of times but today I happened to notice the top of the fencing. I was struck by the way the top of each post was splayed in this way making for an interesting pattern. I took other shots of leaves and the sun coming through them, rust patterns and all sorts, but this was the one I kept coming back to.



Anonymous said...

That is an original older version of razor wire to keep people out. Wonder why it was used in a public area unless someone thought it ornate.

Tim D. said...

Wow yeah that's pretty cool looking. Did you get a pic of the fence itself? After seeing this, I'm wondering what the fence looks like.

Hotter Than... said...

Iona - you are a fount of knowledge! It does explain a few things though. The fence surrounds a scary looking electrical transformer thing in the grounds of the hospital.

Tim - no shot of the fence except some patches of exciting rust I'm afraid. It's fairly dull looking - that's why I only took a shot of the top!