Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Day 118

Today I hung out in Spitalfields with Britswitch. We met up, had a coffee and a chat and I spent the morning taking photos. Over lunch we looked at what I'd taken. Lots of architecture and reflections with some flowers thrown in for good measure. As we went through them, Brits started to question what I was doing. She made a very interesting observation. This blog started as a challenge both as a commitment and as a creative outlet. I think I've proven I can stick it out but as she pointed out, my photos have been less than challenging. Over the last few weeks I've been taking shots because I "have to take something" but I admit that there has been less thought or creative input. It's become habit. Brits quite rightly pointed out that I had to leave my comfort zone. "You never take action shots or people" she said. My reasons for not taking people pictures are numerous and mainly relate to the fact that I don't like pictures being taken of me. However that's no excuse. Fortunately Brits has done a photography course so she gave me a few tips on taking surreptitious shots. The rest of the afternoon was spent doing just that. Over afternoon tea, I realised that today I have fallen in love with my project all over again.

I struggled with which shots to use - there was one that I absolutely loved but this one won for a very good reason. This blog was intended to say something about me, my art, my life. Today I was in Spitalfields and this group of tourists seemed to stalk us. Wherever we were, they were.

I'm hoping to join Flickr soon so when I do, I'll post the others and hopefully you'll understand the dilemma. It's been a really productive day and I feel reinvigorated. With a bit of luck, this blog may improve. I have to remember that it's not about how "perfect" the picture is, but capturing those moments as genuinely as I can.


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