Saturday, 4 April 2009

Day 94

Ok this may not look like an exciting photo but it was either this or my over-flowing laundry basket. (My life is so rock 'n' roll1).

Actually this is a shot of my supper. It was fabulous. Cajun salmon, wilted spinach with cous-cous and a glass of white. What more could a girl want? A piece of Tarte au Citron that was dessert! Cajun salmon is my favourite thing to cook and I've often impressed friends with this. Normally after the first couple of mouthfuls it's met with the exclamation "Why are you single Hots when you cook like this?" Because I have very high standards.



Anonymous said...

Yours looks (and sounds) better than what I posted three days ago, and mine got rave reviews! :D I didn't even have wine with my meal. lol I had balsamic vinegar - no, not to drink! haha Swell shot and lighting here.

Tim D. said...

Yeah it does sound delicious. We do teriyaki salmon a lot and it's always a favorite. We'll have to give cajun a try now... Thanks for the idea.

Hotter Than... said...

Anytime you want to pop by for supper, just let me know. I also make a great mushroom and spinach lasagne and my friend loves my baked chicken.

Tim - We-ll have to swap recipes. I've never tried teriyaki before.