Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Day 98

The word for today is "sky". I went for a lovely long walk after work thinking that I'd take a picture of the sunset. It's been a gorgeous bright, warm day today which normally makes for stunning display. And it was. However, as I was walking up the hill towards home, I turned and saw the moon. She looked so beautiful tonight that I had to use this instead.



susanvg said...

What a lovely image - the moon seems to glow. You must have a great telephoto.This is perfectly clear.

Alan said...

Really nice moon picture.

Hotter Than... said...

Susan - It's was a light cloud that evening giving a softer focus than I'd intended. It was a large moon although I do have a very good zoom on my camera.

Alan - Thank you.

Nikki B said...

That is a reli gorgeous picture :) xxxx