Saturday, 23 May 2009

Day 143

OK I know I've taken pictures of candles before, but this is how I've wanted the previous to turn out - well nearly ;). I love the movement in this, the simplicity and the drop of wax that hangs - trapped in a moment.

I can't guarantee that this will be my last candle photo - I have one more planned - but I'll try and make them more exciting.



susanvg said...

Nice image - the glow and the shadows and the interesting shape of the top of the candle.

Tim D. said...

I like the contrast with the dark background and the drop of liquid wax. Nice shot!

Hotter Than... said...

Susan - Thank you. I love watching candles as they melt and fold in on themselves. The shapes they make are fascinating.

Tim - That drop is probably my favourite bit.