Monday, 25 May 2009

Day 145

Today I walked from Marlow to Maidenhead along the river Thames. I went with my friend B who'd suggested a Bank Holiday stroll. Of course for me it was a photo opportunity.

As we walked through a field,we came across these beautiful ladies who were determinedly guarding the gate. As we approached, the front two moved aside but the third cow (who;s grazing in this shot) looked up and stared at me. I had a moment of "Oh shit, I hope she's placid" before I gently but firmly moved her head. The rest of her followed and we passed through the gate shutting it behind us with a definite click.



Oz Girl said...

This is a wonderful photo... I just love the way cows stare at us two-leggers. They are so funny. :)

Hotter Than... said...

They have a way of fixing you with that stare of theirs. They make me smile.