Saturday, 6 June 2009

Day 157

Ok first I'm sorry. I'm in the midst of finishing my exhibition piece, so have little time for proper photos. Some smart arse would shout from the back - "So take a shot of your work!" but I can't. I'm not being coy or evasive but right now there just ain't that much to it. This batch of work seems to consist of things. that will only make sense in situe - ie in my exhibition. However if you promise to be good, I may post a shot of that.

So in the mean time what have I been up to?. Well working like a mad thing all day. That'll teach me for taking two days off for my birthday. When I work I like noise. Usually it's a film in the background or something from my extensive CD collection. However sometimes I love an audio book. Being a frantic book worm, I'm sometimes too busy or too tired to read myself so this is a perfect compromise. (It's also perfect for 3am when I'm cursed with a bout of insomnia). My recent book is one that I fell in love with the first time I read it - The Time Travelers' Wife. Listening to it diminished non of it's power and I found myself sobbing through the last 2 CDs. This is a library copy which will undoubtedly be copied before I have to return it next week- then I can listen to it whenever I want.


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