Monday, 22 June 2009

Day 173

I was short of time today and far too tired/hot/stressed to think about anything artistic. I did want to play with an odd angle though so there you go. Not bad considering I forgot my camera and am having to borrow Mummy G's AND I have my final exhibition tomorrow! I promise there will be photos.

This does also mean that, bar the bun fight tomorrow evening, I've finished college! so no more rubbish photos on a Monday. (Although the rest of the week will remain the same).



Tim D. said...

This is kinda cool Nice angle.
What's a bun fight? Is that a food fight with bread?

Hotter Than... said...

Thank you Tim - we both know it's a mediocre shot but it fills in space.

In this instance bun fight denotes that fact that there will be free wine and nibbles and therefore a bit of a mad scramble for the free booze whilst trying to look civilised.