Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Day 190

Hey Kids!!! Did you miss me?!

I missed you - it's mad - all these semi-real people and yet I've wondered how you've all been. I have limited battery on my laptop (Captain Clever forgot her power cable) and I don't go back to Darlington until tomorrow so I'm kinda trying to post as much as I can before the energy dies (although that may be mine before the laptop!).

So less prattle and more posting!

Berlin was incredible and interesting. I'll post more with my thoughts when I have more power. However it's safe to say it was a shock. In more ways than one. I'm well known for being the woman who doesn't take time off work. (I won't embarrass myself by revealing when I last went abroad suffice to say when I sat and thought about it even I was stunned). I don't quite get the whole idea of holiday. Go somewhere, look at stuff, come back. Anytime you want to do stuff, spend money to do it. I sound really grumpy don't I and actually this holiday was a gift from a very good friend so I should be more appreciative, I just have an odd mind set and I need the holiday practice.

Anyway. The initial landing into Berlin was a shock and my lovely friend, DQ, sensing my disconfort, looked for things I may like whilst I sat soemwhere near the Brandenberg Gate and tried desperately not to dissolve into a mild blob of panic. Knoing my love of art and architecture, DQ kindly led me to a building where she found this inside. It's actually inside a bank! I can't see this in my local branch of the NatWest somehow.



Anonymous said...

I like the shapes and colors, but just WHAT is it??

Hotter Than... said...

It's a big, metalic sculptural thing. Sorry to be so vague but ther was no information on it when we looked and there was no staff to ask at that time in the evening. I just loved the shape and form. And of course the glass.