Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Day 196

This was my last day of holiday before going back to work tomorrow so I decided to use it wisely.

I stopped in Chester last night with DQ so I didn't have to travel too late back. It also meant that this morning, I could pop into "Liberty Bell". LB is a shop in Chester which is essentially a "Hottie's Porn shop" - in other words it sells fabric. I was there waiting for the poor woman when she arrived at 10 am to open up, but she was very welcoming and I allowed her to get in, take her coat off and turn the lights on before I went in.

I've been formulating an idea for a piece of work for some time now but it was the trip to Berlin that has finally spurred me on. So I bought all these beautiful pieces of fabric and spent my train ride home cutting them into irregular shaped pieces.

If anyone can guess what the piece may be inspired by I'll give you a gold star.



northern monkey said...

Hope you had a fab time in berlin - I love that city...

Your new piece is inspired by the windows in the Wilheilm Gedanknis Kirche on KuDamm...go on admit it, you know I'm right...

Hotter Than... said...

Gold star to Ms "Hermione" Monkey.

You know my love of stain glass. It had to be really!