Friday, 17 July 2009

Day 198

Welcome to the North and the rain!

It's not stopped all day (I promise you). I didn't fancy going out and getting too went so I decided to try for this shot. Not entirely happy with it but I think it gives an idea of the puddles.

Alan suggested that I show I add the Reichstag pictures that I couldn't post as part of "365" as a separate entity so if you're curious here they are.



Alan said...

Hopefully the weather will improve for the weekend.

Thw Reichstag pictures are great - what a fantastic place.

Oz Girl said...

I hope your weather improves, but I do like your shot of the puddle - it gives an overall impression of a grey day.

Hotter Than... said...

Alan - Thank you glad you like them.

Oz Girl - is that a nice way of saying the photo needs more light?!

It was a very grey day - we even had weather warnings. It's been a bit brighter today but not alot.