Thursday, 12 February 2009

Day 43

I'm currently on holiday at a friend's. She loves the idea of my photography project so whilst I'm with her, I've set us both a challenge. In the morning, before she heads off to work, she has to give me a word. I then have to take a picture that relates to that word. Simple.

Today's word was "chill" - as in what I'm supposed to be doing. I eventually went into town for some lunch and, whilst in my favourite bar, got chatting to the staff. I explained that I'm an art student and that this was a kind of project and could I photograph their ice buckets?. They looked a little perplexed but were really helpful. I realise this is quite literal but I really liked the shot so I'm using it!



Tim D. said...

What a "cool" idea! I like it!

Claire said...

Actually, I thought it a close up of sugar crystals before I read your blurb. It's nice.

I like that situation too where you explain to a stranger why you're interested in something of theirs or taking a pic. I think it's the way they are so bemused at why on earth you might actually be interested as it's so commonplace to them and they might have never thought of it in that way before.

Hotter Than... said...

Tim- I hope you're hanging your head with shame at that pun!

Claire - Generally peoples reaction is positive if, as you say, a little bemused. Today's was even more odd!

Tim D. said...

LOL ;-)