Saturday, 14 February 2009

Day 45

Today's word was "classic".

Having had a relatively easy day yesterday, I was filled with a certain amount of "Oh dear God!" Classic?! My mind immediately went to "cars" but almost as quickly dismissed the idea. My friend and I spent the day shopping and wandering and I started taking pictures of classic architecture. As we headed home, we went into a very salubrious hotel to buy some spa vouchers for a gift. I'd never been to the hotel before, having only walked past it, but was immediately struck by it's air of opulence. The decor is 1930's chic and I couldn't resist photographing the interior. As I walked round, I spotted these gorgeous lights. It was only as I sat at my computer, trying to decide which picture to post, that it occurred to me that this is a two-fold classic. Not only does the light itself have a timeless elegance and therefore arguably a classic design, but also that I tend to take quite a few photographs of lights - therefore making it classic Hottie. Either way it works



Claire said...

I was thinking if you get fed up with doing a word a day as inspiration and as you've got a few (!!) days to go until you get to 365, you could try other things.

My friend Robin did a drawing project where he picked a set of coordinates from the London A-Z and had to go there to draw something in that location. I think he just stuck a pin in any old page opened at random. He also didn't take any paper with him and had to use something he found along the way and use that, so he ended up with funny old scraps, newspaper, chip wrappers, a sheet he scrounged off someone he met along the way. I think a couple of them ended up in his MA show, they were interesting as they had more of a 'life' to them than a new blank sheet in a sketchbook.

Anyway, enough of that - do carry on and I'd better get back to work myself!!

Hotter Than... said...

Claire - love the sound of the drawing project. May have to pinch it for something else ;). The word a day ends on Tuesday when I go home but I've really enjoyed it. may have to do it once a month for a bit of variety. (If I have enough friends!).