Thursday, 26 March 2009

Day 85

This is inspired by everyones' recent posts.

Lovely Tim asked people to photograph things connected with "50" in honour of his brother's birthday. I didn't feel I could participate, not really knowing Eric in anyway, even tenuously. However, I spotted that the equally lovely Susan had observed that Tim does leave comments and is always encouraging. Therefore I decided to add my contribution.

It won't get you much even in these times of credit crunch but Happy (belated) Birthday.



Tim D. said...

LOL "Lovely" Tim?? Oh of course you can participate! I was going to invite you and a bunch of other bloggers too, but didn't have any way to communicate to you other than comments here (and I didn't want Eric to see those comments because then it would not have been a surprise). The bloggers I was able to invite are ones who do their photos on Flickr, so I was able to use Flickrmail to invite them. :)

Alan said...

Nice picture..

I hadn't appreciated the comms issues facing the 'lovely Tim' - (got a feeling that one is going to stick ;-) ..)

We could do with a channel for general chat, Facebook, Twitter, FlickR group - what do you think?

Hotter Than... said...

I would point out that sometimes I'm very British. (and I'm medicated)

Mr D - before you're head gets too big I would remind you that Susan is "equally lovely"

Alan - I do Facebook intermittently. I'm quite happy to hunt you down and add you ;)