Friday, 24 April 2009

Day 114

This post was a bit of a dilemma. As a finale to my days of celebration, my friend Bre and I went out for our usual Friday night dinner. On our way, I saw a nice frame that on any other day would have been my photo for the day. However, when we arrived at the restaurant and were seated, my favourite waitresses came and chatted with us. I told them my exciting news and 10 minutes later, G came back with 2 glasses of champagne. I was embarrassed and completely lost for words. I was so touched by such a thoughtful gesture. This had to be my photo tonight.

It's funny how these things work!



Alan said...

Cheers - and congratulations.

susanvg said...

Cheers - and a lovely shot - I like the distorted images in the glasses. Wonderful to have reason to celebrate

Hotter Than... said...

Alan - Thank you - I think I've celebrated enough now. I don't want to take the piss.

Susan - The distorted image is my friend B who was sitting opposite me. She thoroughly enjoyed my slight embarrasment at the gesture.

Laura said...

Congrats!! I love the reflections and distorted images. It's such a fun shot. :)