Saturday, 25 April 2009

Day 115

Some time ago I made a couple of baby blankets. One was for a friend and one was a request. (I guess I could call it a commission!). Anyway, talking to some friends the other week, I've decided to make some more. One will be for a girl at work who is with child but I wanted to make a couple of others and see if they will sell. (If not I have ready made Christmas presents - yes I'm that anal). Mummy G and I had enormous fun the other Monday thinking of ideas for blankets with different themes. My imagination went a bit wild. Flowers of green fleece, butterflies on blue. that kind of thing. Anyway this was a practice for another theme. Ladybirds on black fleece. I really like it but I', not sure if it'd be too depressing for a baby blanket. Any constructive criticism would be gratefully received.



Tim D. said...

Did you mean "ladybugs"? If so, what if you stitch some little legs and a couple of antenna?

Hotter Than... said...

Yes we call them ladybirds you call them ladybugs. I like the idea of antenna.